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Intereng MX12

Mini cable fault locating and test system for LV & MV networks



The MX12 represents a minimized system for testing, fault locating and diagnostics of underground power cables. Build on the MX-platform it integrates essential modern test methods into an easy to operate and economic design without compromises in safety or original measurement performance. The complete system and the plug-compatible extension modules are operated via central unified control unit. HV switching to test leads is all-automatic and requires no plug-over switching. Numerous additional available modules allow upgrading and customizing the system to individual user requirements.


  • Comprehensive fault locating in underground LV & MV cable networks;
  • Comprehensive system covering full cycle from trouble shooting to isolating and precise fault pinpointing;
  • Central control unit with menu guided operation following the working algorithm of cable fault locating;
  • Separation of system control circuit from front-end data display based on Windows®;
  • Inductive Arc Reflection Tech (ARTi) pre-location featuring no loss HV impulse voltage & energy conversion to fault including arc extension;
  • Total low power consumption under 4kVA including high current burning;
  • Broad range of additional plug-compatible or external test modules and devices.

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