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Phenix Benchtop AC Dielectric Test Sets 5-15 kV

5-15 kV Benchtop and Floor Model AC Dielectric Test Sets


The Phenix line of 5 kV-15 kV AC Hipots offer a completely integrated, easy-to-use high voltage AC supply. The air insulated high voltage transformer, controls and regulator are housed either in a painted steel benchtop enclosure or for the larger units in a free-standing steel enclosure.

All units are equipped with standard safety features such as circuit breaker protection, adjustable output overloads, external interlock provisions, and zero start interlock. The digital meters display a direct reading of the output voltage and current. The output voltage is completely adjustable from near zero to 100% of output via a rugged and reliable variable autotransformer.

These AC dielectric test systems are ideally suited for dielectric testing up to 15kVAC within a wide variety of applications.

  • Suitable for AC dielectric and insulation testing up to 15 kV on all types of electrical products such as motors, cables, switchgear, bushings, capacitors, fuses, and arrestors.
  • Complies with UL, CSA, OSHA, NEMA, IEC, AEIC, EPCEA, IEEE, ASTM and other applicable testing standards
  • Single-piece, benchtop and floor models
  • Housed in a rugged steel enclosure
  • Optimum safety features and simple operation

Key Features

  • One-piece design
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • External interlock provision
  • External warning circuit provision
  • Latching HV On/Off pushbuttons
  • Zero Start Interlock
  • Manual control of output voltage Adjustable overload circuit
  • Slow and fast-acting transient protection on all meters and relays
  • Digital Meters (3 1/2 digit LCD display)
  • Digital Timer with audible alarm
  • Emergency Off pushbutton
  • Output overload indicator with reset switch
  • Casters mounted on cabinets (excludes -2P models)
  • Input power cable 5’ (1.5 m) and shielded output cable 15’ (4.5 m) are included
  • Operation/maintenance manual

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