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Stackable Modular DC Hipots

Stackable modules expandable from 100 kV DC to 600 kV DC


Phenix Technologies offers Modular DC Hipots with 1 to 6 stackable modules mounted on a mobile base that will generate a DC voltage in increments of 100 kV DC up to 600 kV DC. Each module is rated for 5 mA and is air insulated. Cooling AN (Air–Natural, Convection). Both models offer reversible polarity. Each model consists of a base with casters, corona rings, a control cabinet, a regulator cabinet, and the required number of modules to reach the desired voltage.

  • Lightweight and rugged for ease of mobility
  • Expandable
  • Air insulated design

Key Features

  • Stackable modules utilizing unique spring loaded contact design
  • No wires between modules
  • Expandable from 100 kV DC to 600 kV DC
  • Reversible polarity
  • Zero Start interlock
  • External interlock provision
  • Motorized control of output voltage
  • Multi-range digital metering
  • Guard circuit to eliminate stray leakage current from specimen under test
  • Ripple <5%
  • Operation/maintenance manual

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