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Phenix 46CP50/70-2/10

Combination AC/DC Dielectric Test Sets


Perform both AC and DC dielectric testing of a wide range of electrical apparatus with Phenix Technologies 46CP series AC/DC Hipots. The mobile 3-piece design with hand cart is ruggedly constructed and simple to set-up and operate.

  • Mobile 3-piece design with hand cart
  • Ruggedly constructed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Simple set-up and operation

Key Features

  • Circuit breaker protection
  • External interlock provision
  • High voltage On/Off pushbuttons with indicator
  • Zero Start Interlock
  • Manual control of output voltage
  • Adjustable overload circuit
  • Slow and fast-acting transient protection on all meters and relays
  • Digital timer with audible alarm
  • Emergency Off pushbutton with key lockout
  • Guard mode for accurate current measurements
  • Output overload indicator with reset switch
  • Direct metering of the output
  • All interconnect control and power cables included
  • Operation/maintenance manual

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