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HANBACK HBE-Green-Energy

New Energy and Renewable Energy Integrated Test Platform


  • Test of New Energy(Fuel Cell) and Renewable Energy(photovoltaic, wind power)
  • Test of Features for each energy source and Generating Technology
  • Test of measuring and storing each Energy Source
  • Test of various Applications operated by Renewable Energy
  • Provides various test examples and sources


HBE-Green-Energy is based on [Green Energy Framework] which optimizes Energy Delivery System corresponding to the change of Energy Paradigm in Green Energy Strategy Road Map.

Energy GenerationEnergy ConsumptionEnergy Management
Generation Measuring Test using Hand GeneratorMCU Operation Sample using Renewable EnergyGeneration Monitoring using USN
Energy Generation Test using PhotovoltaicRenewable Energy Charging TestUSN Node Operation Test using Renewable Energy
Test for Generated Energy Change by Incidence Angle Load Characteristic TestApplication Sample using Renewable Energy


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