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New Ubiquitous Home Network Test-beds based on Wireless Sensor Networks


HomeNet makes smart sensors can work as a collector perceived sensing information in home areas as well as a controller of consumer home devices. Some actuator type sensors are deployed near the consumer home devices and are connected with their electronic switch by using several relay module developed by us. This collaboration among smart sensors and home appliances has led to a new trend to take more active ubiquitous home networks beyond the traditional sensor networks. By using our testbed, user can easily learn and evaluate the ubiquitous home network areas. Its text book covers not only a theoretical education on NesC of TinyOS but also experiments related with controlling home appliances.


  • New test-beds for real implementations of ubiquitous home networks based on smart sensors.
  • Independent modules and smart sensors to support more flexible home network tests.
  • Package includes real home appliances controlled by the modules and smart sensors of HomeNet.
  • Its examples cover from a theoretical education of TinyOS to experiments about real controlling home appliances.
  • Target of educational departments : Electronics, Electrical Communication, Computer Science, Mechanical, and Civil, Chemical Engineering, Environmental and Earth Science.

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