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Modular Integrated Training System Microcontroller


MCU products based on 8-bits is the basic training theme that is being used on education sites for a long time. However, when it is a product manufactured to fit into traditional training method, a cramming one, it is impossible to configure its capabilities in the way users want, This product is a micro embedded training system designed to support variety of MCUs and, based on that, realize independent modularity of each function for the purpose of quickly applying the multiform program lessons including the basic training and meeting user’s requirements to e­ffectively apply the creativity engineering training recently emerging from universities and high schools to education.


  • Supports multiform MCU of independent module structure
  • Supports CPLD module for digital circuit experiment
  • Functional modularity of application
  • Provides analysis and measurement module for improving the eff­iciency of MCU learning
  • Supports various interfaces for signal connections between MCU and module
  • Off­ers measurement point for signal analysis
  • Provides multiform program experiments for the basis and project experiments

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