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HANBACK HBE-Arduino-Sensor

Basic sensor experiment trainer with Arduino MCU without C language experience


Ardunio is Open Platform, which can check the result of Control without studying Electronic engineering or Computer engineering, because this makes various Hardware with so easy language. This provides own Software so we do not need other information. We can compile and download at a time if connecting Hardware with Jumper cable, programming with Block building program and pushing a button. And we do not need to know the function of Compile and Download. We can see the result immediately and we have increased interests so this will help us use other system. From the process to solve questions of operation one by one continuously, we can study how to control various devices. We can use this to various fields after studying how to use various sensors. This provides Bread board and Ext. Power so user can make other circuit by themselves.


  • Block program tool for easy understanding from other fields not knowing Electronic engineering
  • No need of Hardware knowledge for Input and Output
  • Accessible and controllable easily of 20 kinds of I/O and sensor devices.
  • Able to check the result of program due to compiled and downloaded with a button
  • Avaialbe of various applications with Bread board

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