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Testing For easy understanding of Basic Communication Engineering


For basic communication, we can understand Signal Generator, Frequency Multiplier, and Filter and then we can know the basic circuit of Analog Communication and Digital Communication. This is the basic Education Theme of Communication Engineering used in Educational Field for a long time. HBE-Comm arranges the basic circuit as drawn on Circuit Diagram to understand it easily, and this uses generates Carrier Signal with Waveform Generator and inputs it to the circuit and also uses Oscilloscope to see the waveform of main parts. Then, we can know how to use Waveform Generator and Oscilloscope. For Education Course, basic communication equipment includes Basic Circuit, Analog Communication, Digital Communication and Application Communication and each communication has own Module. So we can start Test immediately after mounting Module to the equipment. Application Circuits of AM receiver and FM receiver are added in order to understand how the public airwaves are received. This provides BreadBoard and Ext.Power so we can make other communication circuit with it.


  • Observation of Communication Waveform using Oscilloscope and Waveform Generator
  • Modularization by Communication Themes
  • 2 channel Digital Oscilloscope
  • 8 channel DAQ
  • Basic Circuit of Analog Communication and Digital Communication
  • Test using Bread Board

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