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Field test measurements of Current and Potential Transformers


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The 590J-V2 is a lightweight field instrument which employs an indirect injection method to simulate voltage, current and burden levels in P.T. and C.T. audits to accurately determine an instrument transformer’s ratio and phase error within a utility metering or protection system. The 590J-V2 is also suited to routine workshop tests that require quick, repetitive and accurate measurements of C.T. & P.T. ratio and excitation characteristics under varying burden conditions

Performing field test measurements of Current and Potential Transformers has been made far simpler with the Model 590J-V2. This full featured product combines all of the metering CT test abilities of the popular 590G-V2 model with the additional advantage of also being able to perform both protection CT  excitation tests as well as burden based inductive PT tests.

The 590J-V2 eliminates the need for additional bulky accessories usually required to perform various tests on different types of equipment, saving the operator valuable time and money. Light weight and portable, the 590J-V2 is housed in a ruggedized plastic case and is supplied with the necessary test cables and attachment accessories. It is further packaged in a foam lined transit case for safe transport.

This full featured CT and PT test instrument lowers testing costs by being simple, fool-proof and fast. It’s capabilities allow utility personnel and test technicians to pursue the very important task of testing field based instrument transformers for the detection of equipment tampering, measurement losses and faults.

It features the following offline test capabilities:

  • CT ratio and phase error measurements to an accuracy of 0.02%.
  • Excitation measurements on protection Class CTs.
  • Simulated Full Load inductive PT testing on up to 2 windings.
  • CT 1.6 kHz Admittance test.
  • CT and PT Burden test.
  • CT and PT winding resistance.
  • CT and PT polarity check.
  • Batch testing of metering CTs.
  • Automatic Class assessment.

It features the following on-line CT test capabilities:

  • Live CT testing (with 590F accessory

Other features:

  • Simulated Full Load inductive PT testing on up to 2 windings.
  • PT Burden test
  • Primary and Secondary PT winding resistance
  • PT polarity check
  • Record download to USB Flash or PC

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