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Electronic and Automatic Primary Injection Test System (eKAM)

eKAM is the new fully automatic electronic primary injection test equipment.



eKAM test system includes two portable units: one control unit
with a large graphical display that adjusts the AC voltage output
(up to 220 V) and one current unit (up to 2000, 3000, 5000A).
BUX 2000 (2000 A) – BUX 3000 (3000 A) – BUX 5000 (5000 A):
one or more BUX current unit can be connected to eKAM (not
simultaneously), they can be ordered separately when the order
is placed or at a later moment.
With the control knob and the LCD display, it is possible to enter
the MENU mode, that allows to set many functions, making
eKAM a very powerful testing device, with manual and automatic
testing capabilities and with the possibility to transfer test
results to a PC via ETHERNET or Pen Drive.
The TDMS software, which comes with the test set, allows to
download, display and analyze test results obtained in local
mode. Remote maintenance and diagnostic of the instrument
are available via Ethernet. TDMS software operates with all Windows
® versions. The ease of operation has been the first goal of
eKAM. This is why the LCD display is so large and the dialogue in
the MENU mode is made easy.
eKAM includes three measurement inputs:

  • . DC voltage (10 V DC).
  • . AC voltage:
  • .. High range (300 V AC)
  • .. Medium range (10 V AC)
  • .. Low range (3 V AC)
  • . Current (10 A AC or DC).

All these inputs are independent among them (unless 3V and
300V) and allow the measurement of CT outputs or of another
source. In addition, a digital input (up to 300 V) is available: it
can measure the timing of a wet or dry contact. The instrument
is housed in a transportable aluminium box, which is provided
with a cover and handles for ease of transportation. A transport
case can also be supplied upon request.

Ürün Özellikleri

eKAM is the new fully automatic electronic primary injection test equipment. e KAM test system includes two portable units: one control unit with a large graphical display, that adjusts the output, and one current unit (up to 2000, 3000, 5000A). It can also perform Step and Touch tests with the optional modules STLG-STSG and ground grid accessories kit.
  • Fully automatic
  • Two portable units: control and current units
  • High current output: up to 2000 A, 3000 A and 5000 A
  • Variable output frequency: 15 - 500 Hz
  • CT ratio, burden and polarity test
  • Large graphic display
  • Advanced Test & Data Management Software for test set control, results storage and analysis
  • Step & touch plus ground resistance tests with STLG option
  • Reduced timing test
  • USB interface and Ethernet interface for PC connection
  • IEC 61850-9-2 sample values protocol interface
  • Compact and lightweight

Teknik Özellikler

GENERATOR OUTPUT The internal generator has one high power - AC voltage output, not insulated from the mains. The adjustment is performed by the local The generated frequency can be userdefined or synchronized to the supply frequency (with optional power line synchronizer). The following specification applies to the output.  
2201500Steady15 to 500
220400030015 to 500
22050002515 to 50
  Output frequency . AC output frequency range: 15÷500 Hz. . Frequency resolution : 10 mHz.   INPUT MEASUREMENTS Current and Voltage It is possible to meter the current and the voltage of an external input. Three metering groups are available: .   AC or DC current, up to 10 A . AC voltage, with two connections: o High range, up to 300 VAC. o Low range, up to 3 V AC. . AC/DC voltage up to 10 V DC.   Resolution and accuracy Binary Input - Timer
AC CURRENT1 A; 10 A<%0.05  <%0.05
DC CURRENT1 A; 10 A<%0.03 <% 0.08
300 mV; 3 V;30 V; 300 V<%0.15 <%0.05<%0.05 <%0.05
30 mV300 mV3 V<%0.1 <%0.25<%0.08 <%0.08<%0.03 <%0.08
DC VOLTAGE10 mV; 100 mV  <%0.05 <%0.151 V;10V              <%0.03<%0.08
  The test set allows testing protection relays. The test current  or voltage can be ramped or stepped. As the output changes, a timer is started; the timer stops as the Digital input senses that the relay has tripped or the output cut is cut. Characteristics of the Digitalinput:
  • The input may be selected as Normal Open, NormalClosed
  • The timer can start from an analog input ( current orvoltage)
  • The timer can start and stop at the changing of the digital input, both dry or wetcontact
  • Type of input: either dry or under voltage. Maximum input: 300 V AC orDC
  • Voltage thresholds: 5 V, 24 V, 48 V or > 80V
  • Timer resolution: 1ms
  Phase angle measurement The test set measures the phase angle between the two AC selected parameters which are used during the test.  
PHASE0 - 3600.01°< 0.15°
    Starting from the internal and external measurements, the test set computes the following parameters:
  Other measurement: Z, P, R, X, S, Q, cos(φ)   For the CT ratio measurement, the following applies: . Range: 0÷9.999 . Resolution: 1 . Accuracy: ±0.15% of the reading ± 0.15% of the range  


The large graphic display has the following characteristics: . Pixels: 640 x 480, coloured . LCD type: TFT . View area: 132 x 99 mm . Backlight    


Local test control: by the START/STOP pushbutton. AGer test selection, pressing it, the output is generated, according to the type of test. During ON, if a manual control test is selected, the operator adjusts the output at the desired value. Test saving: . Automatic save. . AGer operator confirmation.  


Communication interfaces: . ETHERNET for the PC connection . USB port for the USB key. Interfaces to external modules: . Alarms to a flashing light . Remote start input.   Mains supply 100-230 V ± 15%; 50-60 Hz. Maximum supply current: 16 A. Dimensions: 450 (W) x 400 (H) x 230 (D) mm. Weight: 17 kg.   APPLICABLE STANDARTS The test set conforms to the EEC directives regarding Electromagnetic  Compatibility  and  Low-Voltage  instruments . Electromagnetic Compatibility: Directive no. 2014/30/UE. Applicable Standard: EN61326-1:2013 . Low Voltage Directive: Directive n. 2014/35/UE. Applicable standards: CEI EN61010-1:2010. In particular: . Input/output protection: IP 2X - IEC69529. . Operating temperature: -10° to 55 °C; storage: -20 °C÷70 °C . Relative humidity: 5-95% without condensing   BUX TECHNICAL SPECIFATION


The current boosters allows performing tests up to 2000A, 3000 A and 5000A. The option is made of a module, which incorporates:
  • A power transformer, which generates a low-voltage, highcur- rentoutput.
•A metering CT, which measures the output current and sends the metering to eKAM.  
BUX 2000
BUX 3000
  BUX 5000
  • Frequency: 15 Hz ÷ 500Hz.*
  • Weight:BUX300015kg,BUX200018kg,BUX500019kg
without current cables and clamps.
  • Dimensions for models BUX 2000 and BUX 3000: external diameter 190 mm; height 120mm.
  • Dimensions for model BUX 5000: external diameter 200 mm; height 170mm.
  • All high current boosters are supplied with:
  • . high current cable, made of 4 cables, 95 sq. mm, 1.2 m long, with 2 high current clamps for BUX3000
  • . 4 cables, 95 sq. mm, 2 m long, with 2 high current clamps for BUX 2000
  • . 12 cables, 95 sq. mm, 0.8 m long, with 4 high current clamps for BUX 5000
  • . one power supply cable , 20 m long
  • . one measurement cable, 20 m long, with the output current measurement.
  • * The output amplitude may decrease for frequency below 50 Hz and above 60 Hz.



NOTE: standard cables can also be ordered separately.
  • . One mains supply cable, 2 m long.
  • . One grounding cable, 6 m long.
  • . One interface cable for the USB port.
  • . One ETHERNET interface cable.
  • . One USB pen drive.
  • . One cable for the 10A measurement to be connected to the secondary of the CT 2.5 sq. mm, 10 m long .
  • . Four crocodiles for measurements connections (two red and two black).
  • . One cable for voltage measurements 1 sq. mm, 10 m long .
  • . two short cables, 2m long (red and black), for other measure- ments.
  • . One adaptor for 10V input - measuring BUX cable.


Transport cases  for  eKAM  and  BUX  units  are  available;  all of them allow transporting the device with no concern about shocks or falls up to 1 m. The case is supplied with handles and wheels. eKAM transport case protection degree: IP IEC60529   OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES TROLLEY The trolley eases the transport of eKAM   acc2 acces1  


STLG − MODULE FOR GROUND TESTING AND LINE IMPEDANCE MEASUREMENT Theoptionallowsperformingboththemeasurementof:ground grid resistance, step and touch tests, overhead lines zero sequence and mutual couplingcoefficients. STLG is a high power transformer, which increases the output current. A high current switch allows selecting the desired current range. A voltage meter displays the generated voltage. TheoptiontakesitspowerfromtheEXT.BOOSTERconnectorof eKAM. Output current and voltage are metered and sent back to eKAM measuring inputs; a third output allows eKAM toknow the selected range. Device characteristics are thefollowings.
  • . Input: from eKAM, via the booster connector
  • . Output current ranges: 11, 22, 35, 55, 105 A AC
  • . Output power: 1800 VA steady; 5200 VA peak for 10 s
  • . High current range selector switch
  • . Analogue output voltage meter. Meter range: 600 V AC
  • . Outputs to eKAM: selected current output range, output cur- rent and output voltage.
All necessary connection cables are included in the option. Current clamp provided: 400 A range. Weight: 25 kg. Dimensions: 23 x 33 x 44 cm.   STSG − SAFETY GROUNDING MODULE During tests, STLG is connected to the overhead line to be tested. The purpose of the STSG optional  device  is  to  pro- tect  the  operator  against  possible  high  voltage  spikes.   STSG incorporates three voltage suppressors and one high current switch, to connect three lines in parallel. This option applies in conjunction with STLG. Optioncharacteristics:
  • . Nominal AC spark-over voltage: 1000 V rms
  • . Impulse spark-over voltage: 2000 V peak
  • . Short-circuit proof with 25 kAeff / 100 ms; 36 kAeff / 75 ms
  • . Connection via three cylindrical ball studs 16, 20 or 25 mm diameter. The ball diameter must be specified at order.
  • . Weight: 9.1 kg.  Dimensions: 41 x 21 x 13.5 cm
  • . Grounding cable included:, 2m.
  GROUND GRID TEST ACCESSORIES KIT The option is the kit of connection cables, auxiliary spikes and other accessories that allows connecting eKAM or STLG to the testingdevicesandperformingalltypesoftests.Thekitincludes:
  • . Four earth spikes for the soil resistivity test and for the earth resistance test.
  • . Two auxiliary earth spikes, for tests in small sites.
  • . Three cables, wound on wheels, 200 m long.
  • . One mains synchronizer device, to synchronize the eKAM ge- neration to the mains.
  • . Two test probes for the step and touch test.
  • . One voltage meter, digital, type true RMS, for the earth resi- stance and step and touch tests.
  • . One resistor box for the step and touch test.


ThekitismadeofSTLG-LineandGridmoduleandSTSG-safety grounding module, without the line and gridaccessories.  


PADS - POWER APPARATUS DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE PADS - Power Apparatus Diagnostic Software is a powerful software application, included in TDMS software, that allowthe remote control of theeKAM
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