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ISATEST TD 1000 PLUS Secondary Injection Relay Test Set

A multitasking, highly reliable protective relay test set



In comparison with T 1000 Plus model, TD 1000 Plus has two current outputs to test the differential relay characteristic curve and not only the pick-up current. In addition, the frequency of this current can be changed as with voltages: this allows to test the second harmonic restraint characteristic of the differential relay.

The instrument contains three separate generators:

  • Main generator, that generates either AC current, AC voltage; DC voltage;
  • Auxiliary AC convertible current and voltage generator, that generates an independent, phase shiftable AC voltage or current;
  • Auxiliary DC voltage generator, that generates the DC voltage that powers the relay under test.

All outputs are adjustable and metered at the same time on the large, graphic LCD display.
TD 1000 PLUS can operate without connection to a PC. With the multi-purpose knob and the LCD display it is possible to enter the MENU mode, that allows to set many functions, that make
TD 1000 PLUS a very powerful testing device, with manual and semi-automatic testing capabilities, and with the possibility to transfer test results to a PC via USB interface. These results can be recorded, displayed and analysed by the powerful TDMS software, that operates with all WINDOWS versions, starting from WINDOWS 98 included.

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