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Intelligent Mobile Robot Platform for ICT Convergence Service


This is developed to support the study of ICT convergence service using Intelligent Mobile Robot and high-value added manpower cultivation, which supports OSEK/VDX, International Standard RTOS of Reliability, which supports Smart Device based Vision processing. So this provides the best Intelligent Mobile Robot Study environment. This is designed to use Smart Phone or Smart Pad as Robot Brain for high-performance vision processing, and this combines data collected from Acceleration, Magnetic and Gyroscope sensor in addition to 12 Ultrasonic sensors and 8 Infrared sensors with vision to develop innovative Autonomous algorithm and application service for Intelligent Mobile Robot.


  • Support of OSEK/VDX , International Standard RTOS of Reliability and Stability
  • Advanced Concept Robot Solution using Smart Phone and Tablet as Robot Brain
  • Java based OpenCV solution provided to use Android to Vision Robot Study
  • Use of Open Hardware Platform, Arduino, to control Robot sub- System of motor and sensor
  • Obstacle detection and Autonomous control using multiple Ultrasonic sensor
  • Line Tracer operation using Infrared sensor
  • Actuator operation control using DC Encoder Motor
  • Intelligent control using Eco sensor
  • Intelligent control using Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetic sensor
  • Available of usual Smart Phone and Tablet holding in addition to own HBE-SM7-S4412
  • AndroX StudioTM Software Integrated development environment provided for Robot host System service development.

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