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High-Speed Stand-Alone Embedded System mounted Intelligent Biped Robot


High-Speed Stand-Alone Embedded System mounted Intelligent Biped Robot HBE-ROBONOVA-AI II is Intelligent 16-joint Biped Robot which includes S5PV210 embedded processor executing intelligent algorithm, FPGA recognition board of high-resolution CCD image acquisition and Image Processing, and MR-C3024 controller board controlling 32 servo motors simultaneously. By mounting Brain Board and Vision Module on existing Biped Robot, this can have not only simple operations which have been inputted from PC also intelligent operations. HBE-ROBONOBA-AI II is optimized Platform which provides Robot intelligent motions and future Intelligent Robot Education environment from image and vision algorithm processing.

Main Test

Intelligent Robot Control Test by 32bit Embedded System

  • Linux Kernel Ver.2.6.32 operating system based Embedded System Programming Test
  • Pre-Processing and Recognition Processing Test of Image Data inputted via FPGA (Image pre-Processing Processor)
  • Intelligent Control of Robot by UART (communication with Robot Control Board by UART)
  • Image Processing and Robot Vision Algorithm Test
  • Real Time Image Processing, Tracking and Recognition Algorithm Test using OpenCV Library

Biped Robot Intelligent Control Project Test including Recognition Ability

  • Embedded system programming, Motor control, Image Processing and Machine Vision combined Intelligent Robot Control Test
  • Application to Project Test and Capstone Subject for Robot Contest Platform (Taekown Robot)

Biped Robot Basic Control Test using Control Board(MR-C3024)

  • Basic operation control test using ROBOBASIC and ROBOSCRIPT(ROBOBASIC v2.8 includes its own commands for Robot control in addition to BASIC language and provides real time Motor Control Window for multi-joint Robot control for easy programming of robot operation)
  • Robot Operation Control Test using Remote Controller

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