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True burden based CVT analysis


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The Model 590K is a lightweight field portable instrument designed to perform audit testing of a CVT in a utility or laboratory environment by just one person. It is capable of determining all CVT errors and tolerances against a manufacturer’s listed specification.The Model 590K will fully test a CVT and display its Error of Magnitude (EM) and Error of Phase (EP) at specific Voltage and Burden test points. It can perform ratio error measurements on meter windings to an accuracy of 0.05% to 0.08% and on a protection winding from 0.15% to 0.5%. The operator may also choose to perform a quick ratio test or a burden only test for each winding.

Up to 3kV may be applied to the primary input of a the CVT when performing a test. A secondary switching arrangement is used to support connections for different types of tests. Also an auto-ranging feature allows the 590K to measure many kinds of CVTs whether part of its database or not by using sophisticated DSP hardware to perform CVT modelling and automated test and measurement calculations.


  • A truly portable, full function CVT analyzer capable of testing CVT’s at various burden / load levels.
  • Portable and light weight, the 590k is a purpose built CVT or capacitive voltage transformer analyzer which comes equipped with a database of almost 60 characterized CVT’s from 12 manufacturers.
  • A sophisticated processing ability which allows it to map and characterize even unknown CVTs to a worst case metering ratio accuracy of just 0.25%, although 0.05% to 0.08% is more common.
  • Advantage of this instrument is that the CVT does not need to be tested at rated voltage, yet the 590k with its highly advanced modelling is able to characterize the equipment’s ratio errors at various test points from 80 to 120%. of rated primary voltage by applying only 3kv to the CVT’s primary input.
  • The unit comes ready with four preset test point standards although Red Phase instruments is able to customize test points to any regulation the operator requires.

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