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ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 18001 ISO 17025

EKOFLUID REOIL® 5000 Transformer Oil regeneration plant

Transformer Oil regeneration plant

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REOIL transformer oil regeneration plant regenerates aged transformer oils into like new condition fulfilling the requirement of IEC 60422 standard. REOIL transformer oil regeneration plants are built with variable capacity and sorbent reactivation capability. Plants are of stationary or mobile design and can work on offline or online transformers.

  • Unique reactivation technology
  • Automated operation on online and offline transformers
  • Most efficient oil regeneration in its class
  • Works on all types of mineral transformer oils

Description of oil regeneration process

Most power equipment is using transformer oil for its dielectric properties for cooling, insulating, and protecting the active parts. Transformer oils are highly refined oils that consist mainly of a mixture of hydrocarbons. Over time, oxidation byproducts start to form in the oil. Increases in oxidation byproducts result in the increase of acidity (neutralization number) and decrease the interfacial tension of the oil. At this stage, sludge starts to form, and oil is losing its dielectric properties because it is getting old. To prevent further deterioration of oil and possible damage to the active part of the transformer, oil needs to be regenerated. Oil regeneration equipment regenerates oil in steps.

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