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HANBACK HBE-Electronic Circuit

Basic Electronic Circuit Experiment Equipment

Teknik Şartnameler ve İlgili Dökümanlar

HBE-Electronic Circuit is designed to help student understand basic electronic circuit easily. Supplied theme modules are designed based on real circuit diagram so student can figure it out simply. Moreover they can various application experiments using bread board. HBE-Electronic Circuit has probe terminal to measure test result of each module and In order to experiment easy, it also has connection terminals for connecting between each circuit. HBE-Electronic Circuit is built-in Signal Output Device such as DC Power Supply, Waveform Generator for input signal and test equipment such as DMM, Volt Meter, Ampere Meter and Oscilloscope for measuring result. So it is available to make experiment without other testing devices.


  • Supplied 13 kinds experiment modules
  • Protection Circuit for safety
  • Available various experiments using breadboard
  • No need extra equipment because it has built-in Waveform Generator, DMM, Volt & Current Meter and PC based Oscilloscope (Note : PC is required when using an oscilloscope)
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