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Most accurate and easy to install travelling wave fault locator system



The transmission line is an important part for the electrical network, but since it needs to cross long distances, it is easy to have faults. Sometimes, it is very difficult to patrol the lines because of the weather and the field condition, so it is vital to have an equipment capable to locate the fault with the accuracy of one tower. It is also important to have a system capable of locating recurrent intermittent faults, which impair the reliability of the power line. The traveling waves based fault locator is widely accepted as the best solution to the problem, thanks to its location accuracy and to the wide spectrum of line configurations, which include: mixed overhead and cable lines, lines with T branches, series compensated transmission lines, non-earthed distribution lines, and also DC lines.

The new ISA TFS 2100E system is the most accurate and easy to install travelling wave fault locator system.

The TFS 2100E system is made of

  • TDU 100E: the device installed at substations.
  • TAS 2100E: the software installed into the Master Unit.
  • It minimizes the line outage time.
  • It applies to any type of network: AC or DC.
  • Automatic calculation of the fault distance.
  • Fast: the fault is located in few milliseconds.
  • Accurate: location error less than ± 50m (less than one tower).
  • The Wide area fault location collects data from the whole network.
  • The location is performed directly on the network map.
  • Unaffected by fault resistance.
  • One TDU 100E covers up to eight lines.
  • Nature of fault detection: actual fault or lightning or CB operation
  • The GPS synchronization is embedded into TDU 100E.
  • Huge fault memory: 8 Gbyte.
  • Fast and non-intrusive installation.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Travelling wave recordings are collected by the Master Station software, which computes the fault distance.
  • Connection types available: INTERNET, MODEM and POINT TO POINT.
  • Substation connection also via the IEC61850-8 interface.


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