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Phenix MTS100R-75 Low Power AC/DC Motor Test Systems

50-200 kVA Low Power Motor Test Systems


Electric motors are a key component in most industrial applications. They account for about 66% of all the energy used in industrial applications with a lifetime energy cost totaling many times the original motor cost. Motor failures can lead to even higher cost in terms of lost production and efficiency. Industrial companies need effective motor management strategies to minimize overall motor cost. Motor rewinding by a wellequipped service facility reduces capital expenditures on motors while assuring reliable operation. The Phenix Technologies line of small motor test systems are the quality control center of a modern motor rewind and repair facility which insures rebuilt motor efficiency and quality.

PHENIX Technologies offers a complete line of motor test systems for AC, DC, synchronous and traction motors designed to test a wide range of horsepower and voltage classes. Many other applications requiring a continuously variable AC or DC power supply can also be satisfied by one of these units in an appropriate configuration.

  • Economical testing capability for the small motor repair division or shop
  • All controls and instrumentation contained in a single, industrial grade cabinet
  • Safety and protective features for complete load or no-load testing

Key Features

  • The AC supply includes four output voltage taps. The output on each tap is continuously adjustable from near zero to 100% of tap rating
  • The DC armature and field supplies are adjustable from near zero to 100% of rating.
  • Complete instrumentation is provided for precise measurement of electrical characteristics of motors under test (3-phase metering, VM, CM, WATT, VARS, KVA, POWER FACTOR). All meters are 4-digit LCD display and accuracy +/-1.0% Full Scale.
  • USB Output Metering Interface to customer supplied compatible computer. Includes Windows based test software.
  • Non-Contact Tachometer (RPM Meter)
  • Main Circuit Breaker, Transient Protection, Output Overload Detection Circuits, Zero Start Interlock and Ground Fault Detection are standard features.
  • The cabinet is provisioned for lifting via forklift or crane.
  • Each unit is equipped with a flashing red lamp when output is energized, external interlock and warning circuit provisions
  • Jacks for twist-lock plugs are used on the AC and DC armature supplies with 15’ (4.5 m) output cables.
  • Two copies of operation/maintenance manual

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