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Techimp HFCT Ø 140mm

High Frequency Current Transformer

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Techimp Clamp High Frequency Current Transformer model 140 is an inductive sensor for partial discharge measurements.  It is suitable for online /off line PD tests on : large diameter cables ; grounding rod bar ; etc.

A TNC termination is available to connect the Clamp HFCT 140 to the TechImp PD analyzer : PDCheck , PDBase etc.  The arrow indicates the requested input current (Iin) direction to get coherent output voltage (Vout) polarity respect to ground.  When the sensor is installed with the arrow directed to ground, the detected voltage signal (Vout) has the same phase of the input current (Iin).


  • Maintenance free
  • High sensitivity and reliability
  • Robust and easy to use
  • Safety

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