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MEATEST M910/ M910E Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic flow meter with several digital outputs, serial communication interfaces and current loop for automatic process control

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M910 Electromagnetic Flow Meter accurately measures flow of conductive liquids from 5 µS up. As there are no moving parts in the flow profile the flow meter can be applied to measure extremely polluted liquids containing even solid pollution. Evaluation and readout unit (transmitter) indicates both positive and negative flow as well as total and custom volume counters. Ex910 sensor for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in category II 3G EEx nA II T5/T6 is available in remote version of the flow meter.

Model-specific features

Compared to M910E, the M910 has keyboard, RS485, datalogger, dosing feature, additional relay switch output and digital input. M910’s interface include three digital outputs (frequency, pulse and relays), 4-20 mA current loop, digital input, RS232 and RS485.

Typical applications

M910 with its wide range of outputs can be used in areas such as paper, water, waste-water, etc. M910E economic version is suitable for uncritical, price sensitive applications with real time data processing (PLCs, evaluation units, etc.).

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