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Perform Pulse Integration of Vehicle Speed or Flow Rate for Equipment such as Air Conditioners


Hioki Memory HiLoggers are high-speed data loggers for recording multiple channels of voltage, temperature, resistance or humidity signals, some models providing complete isolation between channels and strong noise resistance. The Hioki LR8512 is a wireless, 2-channel pulse input module that utilizes Bluetooth® technology to either send measured data to the Hioki LR8410 Wireless Logging Station or to an Android (TM) tablet (available Spring 2015). Data can be downloaded using Hioki’s tablet and smartphone app (for Android devices). Search for “HIOKI” and download the Wireless Logger Collector!

A compact 2-channel pulse logger that’s ideal for pulse integration and RPM measurement

For applications such as

  • Air conditioning (flow rate)
  • Automobiles (flow rate, vehicle speed)
  • Cogeneration (flow rate)
  • Record and manage flow rates for liquids such as water, gas, and petroleum

A wireless logger whose data can be captured by a smartphone or PC

Built-in Bluetooth(R) wireless technology. Use your tablet or PC to collect data even as signals are being logged. No matter what time during measurement you collect the data, data is automatically merged together into one single file. Review data trends by observing waveforms and numerical values right there in the field. *Pictured: LR8514

Real-time monitoring

By using the Hioki LR8410-20 to acquire data, you can view the waveforms in real time. Furthermore, previous waveforms can be viewed while the device is taking measurements. *Pictured: LR8514

A compact wireless logger that you can place anywhere

Pocket size for installation anywhere. Use the optional MAGNETIC STRAP to hang it on a wall – solving all of your installation space problems. Installing a data logger in a switchboard or control panel has never been easier. Gone is the need to feed wiring through the panel-data collection is done wirelessly so you can close the panel door for safe measurements. The loggers are also useful for measuring in difficult-to-wire locations, like high places or on moving machines.

Power with AA batteries or an AC adapter

The logger will operate for about 14 days on two AA-size alkaline batteries. (Recording interval: 1 sec with Bluetooth(R) ON) Since the batteries will last longer the less time the Bluetooth(R) function is operating, the instrument features a power-saving function that automatically turns on the Bluetooth(R) circuit during predefined time periods. While communications are disabled, data is reliably stored in the instrument’s large built-in memory, which can hold 500,000 data points per channel. Use the AC adapter to record data over extended periods of time with peace of mind.

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