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MEATEST M622 Legacy Real-Resistance Decades

Decades with high accuracy and resolution over continuous resistance range


Similar to current M63x and M64x Real-Resistance series, these decades provide high accuracy and resolution over continuous resistance range. As opposed to latest models, user of legacy decades might be missing large dot-matrix LCD display, improved AC characteristics, free/cheaper options, timing function, USB and LAN interfaces, SCPI command support and other minor improvements. On the other hand, legacy decades are a bit more economical and can be battery operated.


  • Resistance range 1.000 00 Ω – 1.200 000 MΩ
  • Accuracy 0.005 %
  • Temperature coefficient < 1ppm/°C
  • Operating voltage 120V
  • Simulation of RTD (Pt, Ni) temperature sensors
  • Simulation accuracy 0.02 °C
  • 2, 3, 4 – wire connection
  • Internal accumulator / power line adapter
  • Interface RS 232 (IEEE488 optionally)

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