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Intereng P12a

Portable advanced cable fault locator for low and medium voltage networks up to 12kV



The P12a is an advanced HV cable fault locator for applications in LV and MV cable networks up to 12kV. The system allows high voltage (HV DC) testing and pinpointing (Surge) of cable faults. In addition, the integrated inductive Arc Reflection Technology (ARTi) module enables the HV pre-location of high resistant faults in combination with an external TDR such as the InterFlex 140. Operation and parameter setting is controlled electronically for ease of use.

Moreover, featuring a powerful three range surge unit with 1000 Joule each level, the P12a provides extended locating capability over a wide network voltage range in a still portable design. The multi-dimensional protection & safety system PROSAFE 3D ensures maximum safety for the instrument, the operator and DUT. The optional pinpointer Kamphone and Locator S are used for flash-over faults or cable sheath faults respectively. As an economic alternative, the version P12e is offered without integrated TDR and ARTi.


  • High 1000 Joule Multi-Range Output
  • Portable & Easy Deployable Design
  • Integrated ARTi Technology For Pre-Location with Extra TDR

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