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HIOKI RM3548 Resistance Meter

3 mΩ to 3 MΩ Portable DC Resistance Meter with 0.1 μΩ Resolution for Equipment Maintenance and Quality Control


Hioki DC resistance meters measure a broad range of resistance values at a high level of precision. The RM3548 is a high-precision, portable resistance meter capable of measuring resistance levels from microohms to megaohms, and is intended primarily for use in testing and maintenance of large equipment, for example, measuring the winding and weld resistances in large motors.

Key Features

  • 0.02 % basic accuracy, 0.1 μΩ max. resolution, 1 A max. testing current, 1A max. testing current
  • Measure from 0.0 µΩ (testing current 1 A) to 3.5 MΩ
  • Easily record up to 1,000 data points in memory simply by applying the instrument’s probes
  • Smoothly capture temperature-rise test data using interval measurement
  • Portable design is ideal for maintenance and testing of large equipment

Portable resistance tester that’s ideal for low-resistance measurement and testing of large transformers and motors

This resistance tester features a portable design that’s easy to use when performing maintenance work in the field. You can wear the instrument over your neck with the included strap, leaving both hands free to hold the clip-type leads while making measurements. The instrument can be powered by eight AA alkaline batteries for about 10 hours of measurement. (Operating time varies with measurement conditions.)

Reduce the effects of thermoelectromotive force with the offset voltage correction

Thermoelectromotive force refers to the potential difference that occurs at junctions between different metals (see figure). Specifically, the phenomenon occurs where measurement probes and measurement targets come into contact, and at connections between measuring instruments and measurement leads. The magnitude of this thermoelectromotive force varies with the temperature of the measurement environment, increasing as the temperature difference grows. The RM3548 includes an offset voltage correction function that applies the measurement current in both the positive and negative directions and then uses the resulting detected voltages to eliminate the effects of thermoelectromotive force.

Correct resistance values, which vary with temperature, to a reference temperature with the temperature correction function

Temperature correction functions can convert readings to resistance values at a user-specified reference temperature and display the results, even for materials such as copper wire whose resistance varies with temperature. The RM3548’s temperature correction function converts the measured resistance value Rt at the current temperature t to the resistance value Rt0 at the reference temperature t0, as shown in the figure. The Temperature Sensor Z2002 (which comes with the RM3548) is used to perform temperature correction.

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