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ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 18001 ISO 17025

HIOKI SM7420 Super Megohmmeter

4ch micro current model – perfect for automated-systems integration

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The Hioki SM Series Super Megohm Meters are high resistance and ultra low current inspection devices with a 0.1 fA resolution to offer precise testing on production lines.  The SM7420 is industry’s fastest 4-channel simultaneous super megohm meter that supports applications for improving the productivity of passive components such as capacitors and filters.


  • 300 times better noise resistance
  • 6000 ps/minute – ideal for mass production
  • Channel-independent low capacity contact check
  • Perfect for equipping on automated machines
  • Max. 2 × 10^19 Ω display
  • Min. 0.1 fA resolution
  • Built-in EXT I/O, RS-232C, GP-IB and USB


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