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ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 18001 ISO 17025


MD 9060 TRMS, 500.000 counts LCD, 100 kHz Voltage Bandwidth Heavy Duty Industrial Multimeter

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The MD 9060 ranks among the most accurate multimeters with a large bandwidth and very high resolution. Metrel MD 9060 is equipped with a built-in VFD feature that makes the instrument capable of measuring the true values in accordance with frequency, large 2-line 500.000 counts LCD display, fast data acquisition and transfer (via optical interface), CAT IV / 1000 V, TRMS current and voltage measurement, conductance measurement and fast one-handed operation. MD 9060 has a wide range of extra features, including data hold, memory, min / max, average, differential, peak, peak / peak with extra fast 1ms response time, auto power off, frequency filter, reset and relative function. The MD 9060 is the ideal choice for demanding measurement tasks in industry, in the laboratories and in everyday repair and maintenance practice.


  • TRMS AC, DC voltage measurement;
  • TRMS AC, DC current measurement;
  • Capacitance measurement;
  • Resistance measurement;
  • Diode test;
  • Mains supply frequency measurement;
  • Frequency of digital signals measurement;
  • Continuity test (acoustic signaling);
  • Conductance measurement;
  • Temperature measurement.
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