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ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 18001 ISO 17025


Ubiquitous Sensor Network System

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  • Ubiquitous Sensor Network(USN) is a field competed by all countries of the world to secure National Competitiveness for communication environment which transcends time and space by using Ultra Low Power.
  • Ubiquitous Sensor Network is being expanded to overall industries such as Intelligent Home Network, Building Management, Environment Monitoring, Disaster Prevention and Healthcare and recently the used range of this is being expanded to the fields for interworking with existing Infras of Electronic Payment, Information Delivery, Voice Communication, P2P and Data Sharing.
  • Ubiquitous Sensor Network is a technology which is a base of IT convergence technology and Growth Engine, big new things in recent years, and also this is considered to the heart of strategic positioning for major industries of Automobile, Shipbuilding, Construction and Medical Service.
  • HBE-ZigbeX II executes Porting of the latest TinyOS 2.x, Nano Qplus to HBE-ZigbeX leading the education marketplace of domestic Ubiquitous Sensor Network. Also, HBE-ZigbeX II adds various Educational Themes of Healthcare and Environment Monitoring sensor to improve the Industrial Validity of educational institutions.


  • Standard Platform for Ubiquitous Sensor Network Education
  • RFID reader basically provided for RFID/USN Interworking Test
  • The latest TinyOS 2.x Porting for Ubiquitous Sensor Network
  • Separate OS provided by Nano Qplus(ETRI technology transfer)
  • Porting Sensor Module provided for Various Application Tests of Home Network and u-Healthcare(option)
  • External Antenna mounted for Eective Ubiquitous Sensor Network Test
  • Interworking with various Servers of Embedded System and PC
  • EasyTinyOS(nesC code Automatic Generation Tool) provided
  • Eclipse based Development Environment(ZigbeX StudioTM) provided
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