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ISATEST STS 4000-Multifunction Substation Maintenance & Commissioning Test Systems

Multi-function substation maintenance & commissioning test system for current, voltage and power transformers with the optional module TD 5000-Capacitance/Tan Delta diagnostic system .

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The STS family includes 4 models: STS 5000, STS 4000, STS 3000 light and TDX 5000. STS 4000 is not equipped with: AC and DC high current outputs. STS 3000 light is not equipped with: AC and DC high current outputs, AC and DC high and low voltage outputs, and current and voltage meters. All models can be connected to the Tan Delta module TD 5000; STS 5000 and STS 4000 can be connected to the very high current module BUX 5000, BUX 3000 and BUX 2000. STS 4000 includes four output generators: low AC current; low DC current; high AC voltage; low AC voltage.

In the local control mode, the selected output is adjustable and metered on the large, graphic LCD display. With the control knob and the LCD display, it is possible to enter the MENU mode, that allows to set many functions, that make STS 4000 a very powerful testing device, with manual and automatic testing capabilities, and with the possibility to transfer test results to a PC via ETHERNET or Pen Drive. The TDMS software, which comes with the test set, allows to download, display and analyse test results obtained in local mode. Remote maintenance and diagnostic of the instrument is available via Ethernet. TDMS operates with all Windows® versions.

The ease of opera on has been the fi rst goal of STS 4000. This is why the LCD display is so large and the dialogue in MENU mode is made easy. Connec on diagrams are available according with the test window. STS 4000 includes three measurement inputs:

  • DC voltage (10 V DC).
  • AC voltage: High range (300 V AC) – .. Low range (3 V AC)
  • Current (10 A AC or DC).

All these inputs are independent among them and allow the measurement of CT or VT outputs or of another source.

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